Book Review: “Descent” by SGD Singh

Book Review

“Descent” By SGD Singh

If They Fail, Hope Dies With Them

By Samantha Shrider / March 6th 2018


Descent by S.G.D. Singh

Title: Descent
SGD Singh
The Infernal Guard
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 
October 7th 2016
Source & Format: Amazon, Kindle Ed.
Page Count: 
Fantasy, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

The Infernal Guard: Descent rejoins our heroes eight months after the events of Emergence. Asha and her fellow trainees gather at Central Headquarters, located in North America’s western desert, to celebrate their graduation and receive their postings as full-fledged Infernal Guard members. But the time for celebrations are cut short when Asha confirms her long-held suspicion: The Prophecy, which foretold the birth of a Seer with the power to bring lasting peace to our realm, never meant her. She is not The One The Guard have been waiting for so many years.

While hunting Underworlders in Las Vegas, Asha and her team come across a homeless civilian named Jax. Asha immediately realizes the mysterious girl is critical to their survival, and insists Jax accompany them despite her team’s protests and the civilian’s terror. Now, as the forces of darkness unite to capture their foretold Savior, Asha must lead a rescue team of her beloved friends into the Underworld on the mission of their lives.

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If you haven’t heard about this series yet, you should definitely check out my review of the first book, HERE.

“Descent” doesn’t EXACTLY pick up where the first book left off. The first couple of pages are through the eyes of a new civilian character, Jax, a street kid looking for her missing brother. This initially gave me a bit of panic, I didn’t want NEW characters, I wanted the ones I had bonded with in Emergence. Singh not only put my panicked ridden mind at ease within the first three chapters, but she opened with a BANG. The writing in this book has obviously evolved and Singh knows how to grip you and make you keep reading into the night. Seriously, I was supposed to put my kid to bed and then go back downstairs. Instead I ended up reading on my kindle for another hour after he was well asleep.

“Saved by vampires only to be killed by teenaged ninjas with swords”

The plot for this book moves quickly, Asha confirms that she is NOT the savior they’ve been waiting for, however they DO now know where he is and her first mission is to get to him before the Underworlder’s do. The outcome of this mission sends Asha and a group of her friends and warriors to the underworld where they must use their survival skills and quick wits to complete their mission.

The first thing you need to know about this series is that NO ONE IS SAFE. With a large cast of diverse characters set in a war to save human kind there are going to be casualties. And they’re going to be bloody. There are parts of this book that are definitely gory, and the language can be a bit crass. Honestly for me, this made it more realistic. I WANT to be afraid a favorite character may die, and if I were in a life or death situation I’d likely drop a few colorful expletives.

“I’m starting to sound like a damn country song. He took my jacket, my rings, my turban, and my weapons. He shot my dog and tied me up and…and what the hell rhymes with weapons? Step-ins?”

If you’re worried that this book will keep up the romance tropes (insta-love) that were established in the first book, then you’re mostly wrong. These ARE a bunch of hormonal teenagers, even if they do have the weight of the world resting on their shoulders. However, I’ve never seen a love triangle so well executed- and it will shock you. The love stories are so gooey but you NEED that goo in the midst of the death and destruction Singh rains down on her characters. It’s the hope in the midst of chaos.

My favorite part of the Infernal Guard series is the diverse cast and locations. It introduced me to cultures I was unfamiliar with, and religion that I had never thought to do further research on. The Infernal Guard series is a look into what humans would be capable of if they could fight together against evil, regardless of race or religion or financial background.  You will root for these characters, and you’ll stay up into the middle of the night reading so that  you can do it.

“Try to wipe out humans, and it will only make us stronger. You will unite millions with the infinite capacity for strength, millions who will always find joy and happiness no matter what horrors you bring to break their spirit. People you will never understand.”

About the Author

S.G.D. Singh

Author of The Infernal Guard Trilogy, I live between New Mexico and Punjab with my husband, two daughters, and extended relatives, traveling around Asia and Europe reluctantly as those who get nauseated in modes of transportation will understand. I grew up attending boarding school in Northern India and always dreamed of being a writer. Thanks to Amazon and self-publishing, dreams really do come true.

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  1. I haven’t heard of these books before but I will defiantly have to check them out! Also, a good love triangle? That has me really excited!

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