Book Review: “Severance” by SGD Singh

Book Review

“Severance” By SGD Singh

Death is a Natural Result of Life

By Samantha Shrider / April 17, 2018

Severance (The infernal Guard, #3)

Title: Severance
SGD Singh
The Infernal Guard

Publisher: Glory Press
Publication Date: 
June 19th 2017

Source & Format: Amazon, Kindle Ed.
Page Count: 
Fantasy, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy


The Seer of The Triputi Prophecy has been rescued, and Asha and her friends have survived against all odds. But a new warning of death and destruction soon brings the devastating task ahead of them back into grim focus.
The Asura have gathered their forces. The entire realm stands on the brink of annihilation as the fabric between The Fourteen worlds continues to fray.
The fate of Satya lies in the hands of an innocent Seer, a destroyed Witch, and a civilian computer hacker.
Now, with the threat of unthinkable decimation creeping ever closer, can Asha learn to accept the things that even her Talents can’t control?
Will Lexi find a way to change her destiny?
Can death itself be cheated, if we have the courage to stand against the darkness?

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“Severance” is the third and final installment of the Infernal Guard series and picks up a couple of months after “Descent” left off- just enough time for our heroes to have healed from their last fight.

You can read my review of Book One: here

At this point in the series you’ve been introduced to all of the key players and so you don’t have to worry about  new introductions, just becoming crazy attached to your faves from the previous books. A lot of the characters move into their final character arc, but this book specifically seemed to focus on Lexi as she had the most growth to left.

“Something like, Portrait of Most Badass Warrior Ever, Featuring Burning Plane and Bone Skirt Boy.”

I won’t go into specifics as this is the last book in the series and I don’t want to spoil anything, but once again Singh has laid her heart into her writing and brought forth an amazing story of love, loss and hope. The pacing is fantastic, and this third book specifically really gives you a chance to see our heroes happy before facing a final fight together. There are a lot of hard choices to be made, not always the right ones, but this is a story about humans and humans make mistakes.

The final couple of chapters left me feeling emotionally drained as I cried into a blanket. No war is won without causalities and with such fantastic characters it’s hard not to feel like you aren’t losing a friend.

“She hoped that [redacted] spirit, if it was disturbed, would forgive her grief.”

The book ends with an epilogue based three years in the future, and it has a lot more closure than some epilogues I’ve read (I’m looking at you Deathly Hallows!) And if you’re like me and you’re just not ready to let go of these characters, you can read the two bonus short stories in the back of the book while you private message the author “HOW DARE YOU.” That happened. I did that. I don’t regret it. She PM’d me back and was very nice for someone having been verbally attacked about her novel at 3AM; she talked me down from my emotional break and we discussed some of our favorite books.

I encourage you to read this wonderfully diverse series and fall in love as I have done with Singh’s writing, and then with her as a person.

About the Author

S.G.D. Singh

Author of The Infernal Guard Trilogy, I live between New Mexico and Punjab with my husband, two daughters, and extended relatives, traveling around Asia and Europe reluctantly as those who get nauseated in modes of transportation will understand. I grew up attending boarding school in Northern India and always dreamed of being a writer. Thanks to Amazon and self-publishing, dreams really do come true.

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