Review Scale


I only put down this book when I had to, and even then I was thinking about getting back to it! Rereads are definitely going to happen (probably right now.) I want to live in this book, and I hope that there is a sequel coming out. Not only am I recommending this one to my friends but I’m going to pester them to read it until they cave.


This book was awesome, and I loved the majority of it but there was something that annoyed me that I just couldn’t let go. I’d love to reread this book, and I would totally buy the sequel (if it had one). I’d still recommend it to my friends, though.


This book was 50/50, it was a good book but there definitely were some problems that interrupted my reading of it. I probably wont reread it, but I’m still keeping a copy on my shelves. When recommending, I’d mention that they’d either love it or hate it.


I liked the premise of the novel but it either wasn’t as described or the writing or characters didn’t live up to the idea but I DID finish it. I won’t reread it, and I probably will donate or sell my copy.  I might recommend to someone who liked books that I feel like are similar but I didn’t care for.


I either extremely hated this book or otherwise didn’t finish it at all. These books are ones I’d never reread and I’d point out some of the major flaws I had with the book. These books would never be recommended to any of my friends.